Book News!

I have been sitting on some news for a while now, and I am so jazzed to be finally going public.


Short version: I am writing a book for InterVarsity Press! The tentative title is Blessed are the Agnostics: My Life with Nuns and Nones.

Long version: The story goes like this: Josh and I bought a house in a new part of Minneapolis in August, we stumbled into a monastery of urban nuns while trick-or-treating with our kids in October, and the phrase "spiritual singleness" dropped into my brain (by the Holy Spirit?) while on retreat in November. This phrase was an epiphany of sorts and got me thinking about the nuns (who are a few blocks away), who embrace singleness, and my own struggle to connect with God after Josh left Christianity. Could I learn about spiritual singleness from them, even though I am a thoroughly Protestant married woman with small children? In December, I joined a group of lay people who gather monthly to learn more about the spirituality of the monastic order (Salesian spirituality) and to partner with the Sisters in ministry.

This book, then, will be a spiritual memoir about my journey with the Sisters and the weird, wonderful world of Catholic saints. It's also a story about my interfaith marriage and how Josh and I are working through the particular challenges of a Christian-to-None union. I hope it speaks to all religious seekers, whether doubters, Christian, nuns, or nones.

I am thrilled to be working with the good folks at InterVarsity Press and will be spending the next year writing and journeying with the Sisters. Publishing is a long process, so it will be two years before you can pick up a copy to read. In the meantime, I will be sending out a more regular newsletter as I work on the book (if you aren't already signed up, you can do so here). Thanks for following along on this journey!