In-Between Time

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving, er, Advent! This morning my last weekly "celebration and lament" reflection was published on Off the Page. In it, I wrote about why I am lingering on these last few days before the Advent.

It starts like this: "It is late November and the weather has been unseasonably mild in Minnesota, extending our fall well past the usual onslaught of snow and ice. The late afternoon light has been so warm that I’ve managed to run errands without my heavy winter coat and I find myself wondering, what season is it? Is this some kind of twilight zone? Has it really been a week since Thanksgiving? For a Northern girl, it just feels wrong to be hanging Christmas wreaths on the front door when it’s 60 degrees outside." (Pop over to Off the Page to read the rest, as well as the other posts in this series from the past three months.) 

Yes, I asked Kathleen Norris to take a selfie with me. I have no shame.

Yes, I asked Kathleen Norris to take a selfie with me. I have no shame.

In other writing news, I interviewed my literary hero Kathleen Norris for Bearings Online, which you can read here. It was a dream come true to ask her all my questions about writing and monasticism. I also interviewed my colleague Laura Kelley Fanucci about her latest book on blessings, as well as Deanna A. Thompson on her book The Virtual Body of Christ.

For a week in November, I was so lucky to attend a writing workshop in Massachusetts with author Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. I am still processing so much of what I learned during the week. If you have ever aspired to write, I encourage you to check out the Collegeville Institute writing workshops, which are FULLY FUNDED and NOW OPEN for applications. 

Also, I will put in a plug from my writing group's newsletter, which comes out once a month and contains all sorts of good stuff about generosity in world of scarcity.

Thanks for reading along!